Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Artist: Pam Ayres - Sketches and Influences

This is a Shan map created in 1889 relating to a border dispute between Burma and China. This map was painted by an anonymous Shan artist in tempera on paper and it covers an area of 47 square miles along the Nam Mao (Burmese Shweli) River. There are about eighty villages and hamlets shown in green. The map text is in Chinese Shan, though Burmese notes have been added in pencil. I have been looking at this map since September 2009 in a book titled "The Map Book" by Peter Barber. I am obsessed with it.

This is the first sketch I did after looking at the Shan map. It put me in mind of Dr. Seuss and The Zax.

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