Thursday, November 11, 2010

Artist: Pam Ayres - Installation at Michigan Legacy Art Park 2010

The Water Brought the Trees, July 2010 - July 2011

Michigan Legacy Art Park, Thompsonville, MI

A site specific project for Michigan Legacy Art Park in Thompsonville, Michigan. The project involves using naturally felled branches and broken young trees that have been cleared and discarded. I am be shaving off areas of the old bark and exposing the smooth wood underneath. The installation will be shaped into boat like sculpture with branches protruding through the structure so that it hovers above the ground at about eye level. I am using simple building materials and methods to put the work together such and latching with wire and then covering the heavy wire with natural fibered rope.


  1. Pam this looks absolutely beautiful!
    Hope to see you (and Kaz) [you asked for it so you get parenthasezzed!] soon

    ps. all jokes aside Kaz you know I love you too

  2. Hi Harrison - thanks for the nice words. I'm starting to send out proposals for other boats - maybe the Bronx?